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10% + £1 / per paid ticket

Free for free tickets

Sell more tickets and find new clients

Using our customer network we will help you find the people who will most likely to buy tickets, we will help you market your event by targeting niche audiences.

Increase event reach

Using our network of consumers combined with your network will increase the chances of more sales.

Ticket sales on your site

Convert web traffic into ticket sales using our interactive system. We design a page layout similar to yours so your fans feel comfortable buying tickets from your site.

Find a new audience

Contact a more extensive gathering of people and drive ticket sales through social networks.

Features of this package

Everything in Just starting

All the basic features of a secure payment system, with the ability to sell e-tickets for your customers..

Ticket sales on your own site

Our internal designers will develop an integrated like for like page to allowing attendees to purchase from your website.

Reserved seating

Create a seating plan to match venue layout and charge customers higher prices for better seats.

Event support

Get questions answered quickly by talking to a human during regular business hours.

Make your event an experience for your customers. Use our experts to help tailor your events to ensure your customers enjoy a stress free buying experience.

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